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Our Affordable SEO Services in India

We are experts in building websites and creating solutions that generate a positive impression of your brand in the vision of your consumers. With our team of innovative, experienced, and passionate website designers we create and optimize effective websites that convert real-time. Our digital marketing paradigm will enable your website to be 100% responsive across multiple platforms and enhances your online business potential significantly. We possess expert solutions in building a strong online identity for your brand such as.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Drive organic traffic to your website
  • Rank on Google Page 1 and get more traffic
  • Raise your brand awareness and brand value
  • Most cost-effective service and lasting results
  • Organic search engine traffic that generates revenue
  • Attract visitors to your website 24/7

As an award-winning custom boutique digital marketing agency based out of Toronto, Canada, we have been providing specialized and custom digital marketing services to local, enterprise, e-commerce and multinational businesses. We are also the preferred SEO service providers for other agencies in Canada.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

  • Ads designed to grab attention and get results
  • Right keywords that are essential for your business
  • Generating leads with the right campaigns
  • Campaigns continuously optimized to lower CPC
  • Reach your target audience faster
  • Cost-effectively reach your brand goals

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways of generating revenue – if it’s done right. We are a results oriented internet marketing company that believes in making every PPC dollar count.

Web Design and Development

  • The website is your online showroom
  • Beautiful websites that have high conversion rates
  • Our websites convert traffic into qualified leads
  • Get your website to reflect your brand guidelines
  • Impressive landing pages deliver extraordinary results
  • Responsive websites work on desktop and mobile

Today it is not enough to just have a beautiful site – it must convert! Our design gurus will make your site desirable for visitors and search engines. We’ll make your digital storefront look and feel amazing.

Social Media Marketing

  • Leading social media agency in Toronto
  • Engage, interact and attract visitors
  • Connect with your target audience directly
  • Devise compelling social media campaigns
  • Build a community around your brand
  • One of the most effective marketing tools

Social media has gone from being tools to ‘keep in touch’ to becoming ‘mini-internet’ unto themselves. If you aren’t on social media, your business is missing out. You need a results oriented internet marketing company that will create buzz without creating chaos.

Content marketing

  • Rich content drives the right traffic
  • Compelling content that works wonders
  • Engage potential customers with great copy
  • Content developed on your brand story
  • Showcase your brand as thought leader
  • Attract and retain a clearly-defined audience

Impactful and good quality content helps you showcase your brand as the leader in the market in its industry. Our custom digital marketing solutions will help you set the tone you want for your brand and business.

Our Work

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations, big and small, drive their business by engaging target audiences with stories that matter.

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We believe in building partnerships, not acquiring clients. Above all, everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own. We’re transparent about our methods, our pricing, and our deliverables. The best part? You get the peace of mind that we will bend over backwards to do whatever it takes to grow your business.

We work with passion, enthusiasm and dedication

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Why Vab Media Digital?

Don't Work With Your Competitors

The team at Vab Media Digital Agency believes that no one understands your business better than you do. But since you are busy running your business, it is obvious for you to look for marketing specialists who can help you handle the marketing for your brand and achieve all your online marketing goals—whether that is lead generation, enhancing your brand’s online presence or some other specific marketing need.

What sets Vab Media Digital Agency apart from the other online marketing companies is that the team here always makes sure to keep you informed about everything that’s happening, right from the strategy stage, implementation process to reporting results.

Vab Media Digital Agency doesn’t just promise big numbers and milestones. We deliver on our promises without fail. You could have a long laundry list of requirements from our marketing plans. Whether you want us to generate more leads, create more engagement with your customers or manage the overall marketing strategy for your brand, everything melts down to the fact of whether or not your goals have been achieved – qualitatively and quantitatively.

Before we work with a client, we take the time to fully understand their goals. Once we are clear and have a complete understanding of their background and their goals, we conduct thorough research and then formulate a strategic plan to show our clients exactly how we plan on achieving these targets.

Practice What We Preach

Vab Media Digital Agency is a firm believer of going by what it says. One of our core values is to practice what we preach to others. We are just like our clients. We both operate a business in this competitive market and during these times of steep rivalry. Like you, even we have areas we would like to improve upon. We also market and promote our company digitally just like you do. Since our inception, we had made it a point to showcase our expertise across our range of services by executing marketing campaigns for Edkent Media.

When we claim SEO to be our specialization, we really mean it. You can simply search and look up ‘SEO Toronto‘ or ‘Internet Marketing Toronto’ or ‘SEO Canada‘ on Google and you will most certainly find us on page 1 of Google search. Just like any other business, we are constantly working on enhancing our own online presence.

We Want To See You Grow

According to the marketing experts at Vab Media Digital Agency, our client’s growth is directly proportionate to our own growth. We strongly believe that the only way we will grow is if we help our clients grow and achieve their marketing goals. A marketing agency shares a symbiotic relationship with its clients.

At Vab Media Digital Agency, our objective is to build long-term relationships with all our clients and the only way we can make it happen is by being able to deliver the results that we had promised our client and what was expected from us.

No service providing company can deliver its best and bring optimum results without the help of real talent and skilled experts. Vab Media Digital Agency is no different and that is why it believes in hiring professionals from their respective field of work to be able to deliver the highest quality of work for all its clients.

This has been our objective right from the beginning and we have made it our mission to bring in the best of the best to strategize and implement your marketing campaigns for you. Every member of our team specializes in a particular area of marketing. From creative to traffic generation to measurement and tracking, your work is handled by our team of experts, who have a proven track record of generating the best results.

If we have sealed the deal with you, we make a commitment by making sure that we don’t work with your competitor’s brand. We believe this policy makes us really unique and helps us stand out from our own competitors.

We make sure that we only work with one client per industry in a given geographic area. Although we receive numerous inquiries from prospects who want to work with us, we don’t take up projects from some of them because they operate in the same area as one of our existing clients.

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