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VAB Media Digital Agency is the best digital marketing company in India with satisfied customers. Happy customers are the real asset of VAB Rankings and we make hard efforts to keep our clients growing. A very few digital marketing agencies offer guaranteed improvements in online presence and EZ Ranking is one of these few agencies. Not only the improvement, but digital growth is guaranteed here. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and it makes us the top digital marketing agency in India. From small businesses to enterprises we offer scalable and high-quality digital marketing services for different industries.

From website designing and web development to SEO and online brand reputation management, we always offer quality services. For all the digital marketing services we have professional and hard-working teams. Dedicated teams work on specific tasks to ensure guaranteed improvements in client’s online business. We take care of almost everything related to the client’s requirement.

Features that we offer make us stand out from the crowd. We provided easy to use CRM tools for the clients. Clients get all the updates and monitor the whole process via CRM tools provided by VAB Rankings. Real-time results are shown to the clients. A dedicated project manager is always there to explain project details, progress and analytics to the client.

Clients stay happy and satisfied with the performance tracking features offered by VAB Media. They can track the whole process and see if the chosen services are working for them or not. More comfortable and easy ways are provided by us to the clients in their digital marketing package. There are no restrictions for the clients while they buy any package. They choose the services that they need and leave others that they don't need.

Getting started with EZ Rankings -Best digital marketing Company in India, is very easy. Request a digital marketing proposal for your website and we will do it for free. Then wisely choose the required digital marketing services and get started to take the lead in the market.

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Search Engine Optimization

Get your website first page on Google via the white HAT SEO. SEO is the process of getting the ranking first page on Google.


Pay Per Click

We are a Google premier partner with a specialization in search, display and shopping ads We use a judicious mix of google and social ads to help meet your business objectives – whether they are branding, lead generation or e-commerce sales.


Social Media Optimization

Social media becomes so popular almost everyone loves to spend time in social platforms so it is one of the best method to aware everyone regarding the services or products you are providing.

Web Designing

Web design is quite complex and daunting, but with the development of Internet and technology, web design overflow than ever before nowadays.

Landing Page

A landing page is the page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking an ad (for example, a Google text ad or display ad). Inexperienced marketers often direct all of their PPC traffic to their homepage, but this can be a big mistake.

Facebook Paid Ad

Paid ad on facebook

Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people who matter most to them.

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What does a digital marketing company do?

As a whole, the primary goal of a digital marketing company is to do 3 things: Increase your online presence. Perform market research. Integrate your online profiles and platforms.

How much do digital marketing companies make?

Typically, these services are billed out on 12-month contracts; therefore, your profit, after expenses, could be anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 per month. So, if you book 10 clients in a year at a low average of $4,000 a month, that’s $40,000 a month you’re now earning, or well over $500,000 in a year.

How can I start digital marketing?

Is digital marketing profitable?

If you want to get into the digital marketing field or if you are looking to make a career out of digital marketing, starting a digital marketing agency could be the most profitable business you could do. … Running a profitable digital marketing agency is a great challenge and but can be a rewarding experience for you.

Is Digital Marketing expensive?

There is no set minimum and costs can range from as little as $100/month to $10,000/month. However, it’s common for social media advertising costs to fall between $3,000-$7,000 per month, depending on the platform, the target audience and its size, and the frequency of posts/ads.

How much does SEO cost?

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on SEO? If you are hiring a top-level SEO company to execute a local campaign, expect to pay $500+ per month. A national or international campaign will require a minimum budget of $2,500 to $5,000 month. Some firms offer a “trial package” at a lower price, with no contract.

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